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Media Matters lies, Part MCCLXIII

These people can’t even tell the truth about simple things


(language warning)

When it comes to lying, the folks at Media Matters for America just can’t help themselves. Indeed, when simply conceding the truth will do them, at worst, minimal harm, they lie.

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone is the latest to display this compulsion.

Calling out Media Matters’ campaign against Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord referred to the organization as a “George Soros funded group.”

That prompted this response from Carusone:

The billionaire leftist Soros did give $1 million to Media Matters in 2010. But that was NOT the only time.

Here is a list of the grants that Media Matters has received from the Soros-funded Foundation to Promote Open Society (totaling $1,575,000 since 2010):

The Foundation to Promote Open Society is part of the Open Society Foundations. A quick trip to the Open Society Foundations’ website finds this on the front page:

So George Soros, either directly or through his tax-exempt foundations, has funded Media Matters multiple times.

Would it have been so terrible for Carusone to admit that?

“Yeah, we’ve gotten money from Soros. Big deal,” seems like a reasonable response.  Anybody who pays even the slightest bit of attention to Media Matters already knows that, so why bother prevaricating?

Alas, lying in an attempt to discredit their enemies is the modus operandi of Media Matters. Apparently, that tactic is so ingrained that it has become a reflex for the likes for Carusone.