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Media Matters’s Eric Boehlert Caught In A Lie, Falsely Accuses Weekly Standard of Ignoring Gosnell Abortion Trial

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(crossposted from PJ Tatler)

As I’ve written before, the anti-conservative propaganda website, Media Matters for America, lies, distorts, and makes up things in order to make good Americans look bad.

A case in point is Eric Boehlert, a senior slime-purveyor at the George Soros-funded character assassination factory.

Boehlert, known for his sloppy research and typographical errors, is now trying to justify the mainstream media’s virtual blackout of the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell by accusing conservative media outlets of ignoring the proceedings.

Specifically, Boehlert writes that the conservative Weekly Standard magazine only bothered covering the trial recently.

He notes that the April 22 print version contains an unsigned editorial on Gosnell titled “See No Evil,” and that the online version contains only two articles on Gosnell — “A House of Horrors,” by Gary Bauer (April 3) and “The Gosnell Scandal” by Jon A. Shields (April 10).

But in fact the Weekly Standard has published at least three other pieces on Gosnell dating back to 2011 and Gosnell has been mentioned in various items available in the online archive dozens of times.

Those three pieces that focused on Gosnell are: “Philadelphia Abortionist Charged for Killing 7 Babies After They Were Born,” by John McCormack (Jan. 19, 2011); “The Supreme Court’s Back Alley Runs Through Philadelphia,” by Clark Forsythe (Jan. 24, 2011); and “To Live and Die in Philadelphia,” (Feb. 7, 2011).

Presumably the hiatus in coverage from when Gosnell was charged in 2011 until recently has something to do with the fact that the trial wasn’t underway and there wasn’t much, if anything, new to report during that period.

So it is apparent that the Weekly Standard hasn’t provided saturation coverage of Gosnell but the magazine also hasn’t exactly been ignoring the case, as Boehlert claims.

Perhaps if Boehlert had bothered to search the magazine’s online archive he would have found all the extra articles and blog posts I located.

But he didn’t.


Boehlert argues that conservative media outlets have ignored the Gosnell story because they’ve been obsessed with covering President Obama’s relentless assault on American institutions and values.

“If the conservative press could unplug itself from its Obama outrage machine and find the smallest bit of daylight between itself and the RNC, it might not miss important stories, like the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell,” he self-righteously pontificates.

Maybe if Boehlert would practice real journalism instead of writing reckless, erroneous, poorly researched hit pieces aimed at making conservative media outlets look bad he might contribute something of value to society.