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More #BlackLivesMatter lunacy

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It never ends with these people. Everything everywhere every time is always about race.

New York Black Lives Matter agitator Arielle Newton, a racist as all BLM leaders are, whined in an op-ed that “this presidential election is best characterized as a tyrannical pageant of white fear.”

Whatever that means.

Newton bashed the GOP as a “nativist institution” and then hit Democrats even though the Democratic National Committee has formally endorsed her dangerous cult of a movement. That party “pays lip service to the black community, and does not represent any transformative pathway to wholehearted racial justice or black liberation,” she said.

Maybe Newton wants forced labor camps for those who don’t toe her militant line.

“The Democratic establishment will never call for the abolition of law enforcement or economic reparations for black bodies,” Newton writes. “[I]nstead they’ll call for police­-worn body cameras and (maybe) ‘independent’ oversight.”

But the Democratic Party is already halfway there, regardless of Newton’s ravings.

The DNC resolution adopted a year ago in Minneapolis accuses American police of “extrajudicial killings of unarmed African American men, women and children.”

Plenty of Democrats favor giving black Americans reparations because of slavery, which ended a century and a half ago, and any Democrat proposing to do away with all law enforcement wouldn’t get laughed off the stage at a party function.

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