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More fake hate news from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Hate, hate everywhere nor any real news to read


Like the mainstream media, when the Southern Poverty Law Center can’t find real news to advance its radical agenda it simply invents the news it needs.

And that’s just fine with the SPLC and its mainstream media supporters who live in a bizarro world where allegations equal facts.

The latest fake news report from the racism-hallucinating leftists at SPLC is titled”1,094 Bias-Related Incidents in the Month Following the Election” released Dec. 16. It is at least as devoid of substance as previous fake hate crime reports.

The authors of the report claim that 1,094 “bias-related incidents” have taken place since Donald Trump won the election, but despite promises in a previous report on Nov. 18 to provide deeper analysis and more documentation,” the SPLC admits  “many included in the count remain anecdotal.”

In other words, some events may be real and others are likely made up.

But it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not because the Dec. 16 report doesn’t actually appear to be present on the SPLC’s website – and if it’s there, it’s well-hidden.

There are only a few select events described on a web page devoted to the report.

In Massachusetts a man hurled the N-word at a 14-year-old boy. In Florida an old drunk white man made “an obscene gesture at two women in hijabs in a public park,” described Muslims as subhuman, and said “President Trump got his work cut out for him.” A man left a rude voicemail message for a church in Grand Rapids, Mich.

It reads like a campus police blotter for a boring Saturday night during spring break when students are elsewhere. And it’s not clear what Donald Trump has to do with any of it.

Anticipating (well-deserved) criticism, the SPLC describes its methodology, explaining that it “collected reports from news articles, social media, and direct submissions via our #ReportHate intake page.”

But don’t you dare challenge the accuracy of this SPLC report.

“[T]he right-wing narrative that this wave of incidents are all hoaxes simply doesn’t stand up to the numbers,” the SPLC warns.

Say what?

What wave of incidents? Members of the public can’t even access the report and have to reply on the SPLC’s summary of its contents.

Last year, the SPLC had an “operating budget” of over $35 million. It employs hundreds of people. It has assets of over $300 million. One would think the SPLC could use its massive war chest to do some real research and track down some data.

But these flimsy SPLC reports keep getting cited by mainstream media outlets such as the New York TimesCNNFox News LatinoNew York Daily NewsCBS NewsNBC NewsUSA TodayTimeBBC News, and NPR.

Tellingly, socialist organizations everywhere have  embraced the “hate crime is on the rise since Trump got elected” theme`. They often use this false premise to “fight the capitalist system…” such as in this article posted at The Socialist Worker (published by the International Socialist Organization) which specifically quotes SPLC President Richard Cohen saying that the recent so-called spike in hate crime can be attributed to “white supremacists” emboldened by Trump’s victory.

The Trotskyist World Socialist Web Site cited the SPLC report, and so did People’s World.

Maria Svart of the Marxist group Democratic Socialists of America laments “the wave of hate crimes” and calls for socialists to “stay in the streets,” “attend anti-Trump rallies and build coalitions,” and “[i]ntervene in the public discussion by speaking credibly as a member of your local community through opinion editorials (op-eds), letters to the editor, and calls into radio shows.”

Of course the preeminent funder of the Left, George Soros, has jumped on the bandwagon, pledging to “commit $10 million from his personal foundation to combat a rise in hate crimes that he linked to the ‘incendiary rhetoric’ of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign,” the New York Times reports.

Soros isn’t likely to send any of his money to SPLC because it doesn’t need it.