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MoveOn lays out its plans for resisting Trump

"MoveOn is ready and committed to help lead the resistance—standing up to Trump every step of the way and fighting for the heart, soul, and future of our country..."

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MoveOn’s dangerous, quixotic quest to void the votes of 63 million Trump voters fell through when the leftist group’s efforts to hijack the Electoral College failed yesterday.

But very early this morning MoveOn sent out a mass email to members spelling out the next steps it plans to take to resist the incoming Trump administration.

It’s good to put on the record what these radical left-wingers are plotting.

So here are highlights from the email:

Dear MoveOn member,

Now that the Electoral College has voted to make Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States, I have an important request for you.

You and I—together, alongside millions of other Americans—we are the resistance. It’s now clear that we can’t count on the norms of democracy to keep Trump in check—norms that were fraying even before Trump’s ascendancy. The GOP has now stolen a U.S. Supreme Court seat and used unprecedented tactics to undermine Obama’s presidency. And the media continues to enable Trump—to such a degree that NBC is literally putting Trump on their payroll as a producer of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

What we do have going forward is the power of a fierce, creative, peaceful, and determined resistance. MoveOn is ready and committed to help lead the resistance—standing up to Trump every step of the way and fighting for the heart, soul, and future of our country. […]

Here’s how the resistance will work … :

  • We will resist by showing that Donald Trump is unfit to be president, through Inauguration Day and beyond.

  • We will resist by shining a spotlight on Trump’s corruption and violations of our laws and the U.S. Constitution and, if it comes to it, demand Trump’s impeachment.

  • We will resist by demanding that Democrats (and sensible Republicans) reject the worst aspects of Trump’s agenda, which benefits corporations and billionaires over the rest of us and uses bigotry to try to divide our nation. And we will hold them accountable if they don’t.

  • And we will resist by rebuilding the Democratic Party into a party that represents you and me, not wealthy donors and powerful special interests.

It ends with:

The scale of the threat we face is unprecedented. And so our peaceful, strategic, and united response must also be unprecedented.

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin K., Hannah, Corinne, Scott, and the rest of the team

Meanwhile, on MSNBC last night, MoveOn executive director Anna Galland said that the protests against the Electoral College vote “serve as a marker for what’s to come, and what is to come is a mass moral, accessible opposition movement,” against Trump. “Some are calling us a resistance movement,” she said.

“Today’s protests are, I think a harbinger, of a mass peaceful movement that we are going to build.”

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