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MoveOn Mobilizing for Hillary

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MoveOn organizing director Vicki Kaplan announced today her huge leftist group will be hiring 40 organizers to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton in battleground states in November.

In a mass email begging for money Kaplan wrote:

Our current election plan is to hire 40 organizers in swing states—like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania—that could decide this election, but there’s a problem: We haven’t yet signed up enough monthly supporters this week (we’re about $17,000 a month short.) The truth is things are really, really tight. But we’re going to take a leap of faith, hire all 40 organizers, and hope for your support.

She shared the rest of MoveOn’s plan:

We’ll work to stop Trump, elect Hillary Clinton, win Senate races so that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren can have an even stronger voice in the Senate, and build grassroots progressive leadership to press for people-powered change in the next administration.

Here’s our plan:

• We will defeat Trump and elect Hillary Clinton by recruiting, training, and supporting grassroots leaders in communities that Trump has attacked. We’re hiring state directors and field organizers in 10 battleground states who will build a massive base of volunteer organizers.

• We will organize volunteer teams to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors and have conversations with enough voters to swing a close election—the presidential race and, in many states, a Senate race, too. We know that face-to-face conversations with voters are the #1 most effective way to increase voter participation.

• We’re unleashing the phenomenal energy and smarts of volunteer leaders to canvass their own neighborhoods and communities, where they can make the biggest difference.

And we’re not stopping there. We know that our task is not just to win an election, but to demonstrate that bigotry is a losing strategy, and to build power to win on the issues that matter to everyday people: income inequality, police and criminal justice reform, climate change, good jobs, immigrants’ rights, and more. Unlike candidate campaigns that shut down after Election Day, MoveOn members organize seven days a week, 365 days a year.

So we see that claiming Republican nominee Donald Trump is a bigot is going to be a large part of MoveOn’s strategy to get voters to the polls.

MoveOn also made it clear in the mass email it is especially interested in getting volunteers to do door-to-door canvassing in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.