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Mueller’s crooked probe nabs Flynn


Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally gotten his man – in this case, the first actual Trump administration casualty, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, who was briefly National Security Advisor.

This might be an impressive feat, if Flynn were actually being prosecuted, or had pled to, a crime involving collusion with Russia that actually affected the 2016 election. You know, the supposed subject of the Mueller counterintelligence investigation of Russian electoral collusion with the Trump campaign. Instead, Mueller wore down the lieutenant general with extreme legal and financial pressure, and possibly legal threats against Flynn’s son, to force a plea of lying to the FBI about conversations Flynn had with the Russian ambassador last December – you know, in conversations long after the 2016 election was over. It also might be more impressive if the FBI – then under Trump nemesis and Mueller protégé James Comey – had not already concluded that Flynn was not lying to them about this conversation, but that he was simply not remembering things correctly. And, it might be still more impressive if it made any sense at all for Flynn to have “lied” to the FBI regarding his entirely legal and normal conversation with the Russian ambassador.

This plea deal might also be impressive if the Mueller counterintelligence investigation was focused on investigating actions by foreign Islamist dictators trying to (allegedly) bribe members of the Trump administration. Although the former National Security Advisor certainly was not guilty of any electoral collusion with Russia – and for that matter, it is unlikely that any other member of the Trump 2016 campaign was, either – Flynn’s interactions with agents of Turkish Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan are extremely disturbing, as they may indicate the former NSA had been bribed by the Turkish leader. Prior to receiving $600,000, and possibly the promise of another $15 million, from Turkish interests, Flynn was not known as a proponent of Islamist Turkey. In 2016, Flynn had given a speech supporting the military coup against the Turkish government, specifically citing the country’s “move toward Islamism” under President Erdogan, and, separately, deplored Turkey’s willingness to look the other way when it came to ISIS.

Really, the only impressive thing coming from the Mueller investigation is the continuing and overwhelming stench of corruption and bias coming from that team. The latest news involves Peter Strzok, who was an FBI Special Agent in Charge assigned to the Mueller investigation. Only recently, it was discovered that Strzok was dismissed from the probe three months ago for his disparaging comments about President Trump in text messages between him and his alleged lover, an FBI attorney. These texts apparently indicated a “bias that cannot be ignored.” Further, it has been revealed that Strzok was one of two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn, and Strzok seems to have been duplicitous in how he obtained that interview, not giving Flynn notice that this was a legal and formal interview until after it had already begun.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think even Michael Flynn deserves basic constitutional protection.

It really is incredible that anyone takes Robert Mueller and his gang of hacks seriously with this “counterintelligence” investigation of the Trump administration. We have an investigation where there is, in contrast to normal Department of Justice procedure, no underlying crime to be investigated. We have a special counsel with a clear conflict of interest; his strong friendship with an aggrieved witness, i.e. James Comey. We have an investigative legal team made up of high-powered lawyers who have donated heavily to the Democratic Party. (Perhaps an indication of bias?) We have the number two FBI official, Andrew McCabe, participating in this investigation, even though he too has a strong friendship with an aggrieved witness, i.e. James Comey, and he too is alleged to be biased against a target, i.e., Michael Flynn. (McCabe’s wife also ran as a liberal Democrat for state Senate in Virginia, and she was heavily funded by Hillary Clinton crony and Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe. Yet another possible bias?) And now, we have an FBI agent assigned to the investigation being booted for his pro-Democrat bias.

Oh…and once again, none of the legal “accomplishments” of the Mueller investigation have anything to do with supposed 2016 Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

Mueller and his crew are disgraceful. Trump should have fired him and them long ago.