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Nationalism isn’t fascism

Al Jazeera article a fantastic study in the methods of propaganda

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American leftists are apparently not the only experts in the perversion of language for political ends.

Al Jazeera recently posted an article titled “Why 60,000 people joined a nationalist march in Poland.” Posted under “news” in the “far right” category – which in and of itself presumes bias – the article attempts to equate concepts like nationalism and border protection with fascism. It further tries to discredit the marchers’ message because they cheered God. The entire article was a study in the masterful use of propaganda to undermine the marchers’ strong message of independence and defiance. But the marchers mostly got it right.

The article’s lead sentence tells you where it is going by implicitly equating nationalism with fascism. (All italics in my article represent emphases added):

After some 60,000 people, including nationalists and fascists, gathered in the Polish capital for an “Independence March” on Saturday, the country’s deep divisions have risen to the fore.

This is the latest version of the Left’s endless efforts to equate anything opposed to its agenda as “fascism.” Since the days of Hitler, the media has attempted to equate the “right” with fascism. But as anyone who has studied history even a little bit knows, Hitler was every bit as much a leftist as Stalin or Lenin, i.e. he was a socialist, and the Nazis were a socialist party. Fascism and communism represent a distinction without a difference. Both are mass-murdering, totalitarian ideologies.

In the following quote Al Jazeera attempts to further establish the idea that nationalism is inherently bad, and suggests that it is something we all know to be true:

Despite the explicitly nationalist character of rhetoric that seeped through the march, right-wing social media users warned against labelling [sic] it as fascist and nationalist.

Notice the use of words, for example the “rhetoric that seeped through the march…” “Seeped” has an explicitly negative connotation, like “oozed” or “infiltrated.”

And of course the quote, “right-wing social media users warned…” claims — without any citation — that “right-wing” social media issued warnings. It suggests there was some kind of implied threat against anyone who would dare call it “fascist and nationalist.”

How did these supposed “right-wing social media users” warn us? Did they say, “don’t do this, or else?” Or else what? Again, since there was not a single citation to support the author’s assertions, we just have to take her word for it.

Today the Left tries to equate nationalism with fascism, even though every self-respecting nation practices nationalism. Ironically, those nations the Left would describe as “internationalist,” like for example Communist China or the former Soviet Union, are the most ferociously nationalist of all. During Soviet times we even had a name for it: the Iron Curtain. But somehow the Left never sees those forms of nationalism as a problem.

But how does one otherwise secure a nation state? What defines a nation? Why do borders exist? Why is it prudent to rigorously evaluate and control access to a nation by foreign nationals? Germany and France’s failure to do so shows just how disastrous that can be – with terrorist mass murder occurring in those countries on a regular basis, along with rampant unemployment and social unrest.

Do we not have the right to prevent such calamities? Should we not be allowed to protect our sovereign nations from terrorist attack? Should German and French citizens be forced to accept such dangers simply to avoid being called “nationalist”? These Poles should be congratulated for insisting on guarding their borders and nation.

Al Jazeera then attempts to discredit the marchers’ message of support for God. An embedded video shows one group carrying a banner saying “We want God.” Why would anyone argue with that? Nothing good has come from our culture’s abandonment of God, but the Left has burned crosses to make sure it happens.

In an embedded video of the march, the article translates a few of the chants, such as “God, honor, country,” and “Glory to our heroes.” It quotes a young marcher who happily tells the reporter:

We Poles, we nationalists have fought for our honor, for our God, for our fatherland. We want to celebrate this great Independence Day every year.

The author clearly implies there is something wrong with such chants and statements. Why? What is wrong with “God, honor, country?” What is the matter with glorifying heroes?

When you consider the way such media covers a left-wing protest, the incongruity is truly jarring. Leftist protests are filled with hate, obscenity, threats, and often violence. Leftist brown shirts are the true Nazis. Yet media proudly describes such revolting behavior as somehow noble or at least justified.

In the author’s efforts to discredit the marchers’ God message, the following quotation has to be the funniest:

Professor Anna Grzymala-Busse of Stanford University said Poland’s use of religious nationalism and the fusion of religious and national identities is nothing new.

Grzymala-Busse is right that it is “nothing new,” but to make that sound like something bad almost defies belief. That fusion “of religious and national identities” defines Poland. It is what inspired Lech Walesa and the 1980s Solidarity movement to throw off the yoke of communism in Poland.

Poland’s moral courage in facing off the hated communists was assisted greatly by the anti-communist Karol Józef Wojtyła, a.k.a. Pope John Paul II. So enraged were the Soviets by John Paul’s defiance that they attempted to assassinate him. So, yes, this “fusion of religious and national identities,” is indeed nothing new. Too bad we haven’t used it to throw off the yoke of Cultural Marxism in this country.

It would take days to dissect every sentence in this carefully constructed piece of disinformation. This march was entirely peaceful and most of its messages were uplifting.

We could all use more of God, and nationalism is a necessity for national survival, not a marker of fascism.

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