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Never back down in the fight to cremate Obamacare

Matthew Vadum author image /

I just received an unusually blunt mass-email from Adam Brandon, president of Freedom Works (annoyingly spelled FreedomWorks — hey people, this isn’t German — lay off all the compound words — especially the mixed-capitalized ones — in your group’s names).

The e-missive came with a subject line of “Never back down.”

The email reads:

Matthew, Right now liberal extremists are attacking conservatives like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and the entire House Freedom Caucus.

These leftists are hijacking their town halls because they’re still angry Donald Trump is president. And like children they’re throwing temper tantrums across the country.

But we can’t let them intimidate us. We’ve got to stand up to the left and show these conservatives that we’ve got their backs.

That’s why I’m asking you to find and attend the next town hall meeting near you today.

Matthew, these conservatives proudly represented your values in Congress for years. That’s why the left’s attacking them! And it’s why we’ve got to get as many patriots like you to these town halls as possible.

It’s the only way we can stop their stupidity and let ACTUAL constituents speak with their Members of Congress. Help us do it by finding and attending the next town hall meeting near you right now.

Call me curmudgeonly but I like it! This outreach email tells it like it is. Direct, honest, hard-hitting.

If left-wingers dominate the town hall meetings of federal lawmakers, we’ll never get rid of the socialist monstrosity known as Obamacare.

Well done, Mr. Brandon.