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Obama’s wiretaps? My interview on “The Glazov Gang”

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As I wrote at FrontPageMag, President Donald Trump caused a media firestorm by claiming recently that then-President Obama wire-tapped telephones at Trump Tower in Manhattan during the final leg of last year’s election campaign.

I wrote:

Now the outlines of a Watergate-like conspiracy are emerging in which a sitting Democrat president apparently used the apparatus of the state to spy on a Republican presidential candidate. Watergate differed in that President Nixon didn’t get involved in the plot against the Democratic National Committee until later as an accomplice after the fact. Here Obama likely masterminded, or oversaw someone like the diabolical Benghazi cover-up artist Ben Rhodes, masterminding the whole thing.

Dr. Jamie Glazov was kind enough to invite me on to his talk show, “The Glazov Gang,” to discuss these developments.

Here is the video clip:

Dr. Glazov, by the way, is editor of FrontPageMag, but his show is not affiliated with the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Here is a blurb for the show:

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