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Passive-aggressive leftists protest Mike Pence

Look at all the rainbow flags! That'll show him!

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Liberals in the Chevy Chase neighborhood in Northwestern Washington, D.C. aren’t happy that Vice President-elect Mike Pence is moving into their neighborhood while he waits for Inauguration Day.

As Richard Pollock reports at the Daily Caller:

Activists have mobilized to protest his move onto their street by hanging rainbow flags outside their homes to express “solidarity” with gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual and queer communities.

At least 10 rainbow flags now hang from homes on the street where in a few days Pence will arrive. He moved a few things into the home during Thanksgiving week, according to neighbors. As Vice-President, Pence will reside in the official vice-presidential residence at Number One Observatory Circle on the Naval Observatory grounds in northwest Washington, D.C.

Interestingly, most of the flags aren’t hanging from poles. They are hanging from windows.

“I asked myself, who hangs a flag that way?” said neighborhood resident and conservative activist Phil Kerpen of American Commitment.

“And then I realized none of these people have ever put out an American flag out. They don’t own a flag pole. It didn’t occur to them that if you want a flag out, you need a flag pole to do it properly.”


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