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Security Risk: Meet Senator Chris Murphy’s long-time Communist Party USA staffer

Is it okay for a United States senator serving on the Foreign Relations Committee to employ an aide who is a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA)? What could be the security implications of such a relationship?

For several years, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) employed CPUSA member Maxwell Goldman in a variety of positions.

Maxwell Goldman started as a field organizer for Murphy’s campaign in April 2012, and continued employment until at least September 2016, when he worked as a senior outreach assistant at the senator’s Hartford, Connecticut office.

He then left briefly to serve as field director for Friends of Elizabeth Esty until November 2016. (Esty is a Democrat congresswoman representing the 5th district of Connecticut.)

Goldman earned a philosophy degree from Tufts University in 2010. At Tufts he was a leader of the far-left Jumbo Janitor Alliance, which had close ties to several Massachusetts state politicians including to then-state Rep. Carl Sciortino and state Sen. Pat Jehlen.

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After college Goldman worked as a field organizer for Dan Malloy’s campaign for Connecticut governor, followed by a stint with the heavily Communist Party USA-influenced Connecticut SEIU.

In June 2014 (while employed by Sen. Murphy) Maxwell Goldman served as a Connecticut delegate to the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago.

Communist Party convention, Chicago, June 2014


Maxwell Goldman “teaching a mini workshop during the convention”


To allay any doubts, here’s a close-up of Maxwell Goldman’s conference lanyard.

As a “progressive”  member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Murphy would be a prime target for “influence operations” by hostile foreign intelligence services.

The Communist Party USA has close ties to the Communist parties of the Russian Federation, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, and Iran. All have mounted hostile intelligence operations against this country.

At the 2014 CPUSA conference Maxwell Goldman had ample opportunity to mix with representatives of some of these parties. Does anyone seriously believe that Goldman’s status as an aide to a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would not have been of interest to such people?

Former U.N. Ambassador of Vietnam, a guest from the Vietnamese Communist Party Bui The Giang (left), guest from the Iranian Communist Party, Mostafa (center) and the guest from Iraqi Communist Party, Raid Fahmi

As a member of the Connecticut branch of the CPUSA, Goldman serves alongside some very well-connected people.

Connecticut party chair Joelle Fishman, is chair of the party’s political action committee, which works closely with the Democratic Party. She is also the daughter-in-law of Roosevelt-era Soviet spy ringleader Victor Perlo.

Connecticut communist Lisa Bergmann gave a report, on behalf of the Young Communist League to a gathering of the communist-controlled World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFTY), in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2011. WFTY, incidentally, is poised to host a major international communist youth festival in Sochi this coming October – on Vladimir Putin’s personal instructions.

Another comrade, Al Marder, is an official with the still-extant World Peace Council – once the most important of the former Soviet Union’s many international front groups.

In June 2015 Marder celebrated the defeat of Nazi Germany in Moscow, where he had the honor of meeting Communist Party of the Russian Federation leader Gennady Zyuganov.

Gennady Zyuganov, Al Marder (center)

Unfortunately, there are few if any background security checks for congressional or Senate staffers these days. Pretty much every thing is taken on trust.

Could America’s enemies possibly be aware of this situation? Might they just possibly try to exploit it?

By employing Goldman, Sen. Murphy has turned himself into a security risk. Goldman and the senator need to be investigated as soon as possible to determine what, if any, security breaches may have occurred.