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Sleazeball lefty journo David Corn investigated for sexual harassment

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Mother Jones magazine reporter David Corn was investigated for sexual harassment in the workplace three years ago and the probe will be re-opened in light of new evidence that has surfaced, Politico reports.

The reliably sleazy Corn, who is the leftist mag’s Washington bureau chief, has been cheerleading the #metoo campaign urging women to report sexual harassment and was essential in promoting the ridiculous Russian dossier that Hillary Clinton’s people paid Fusion GPS to fabricate. Among the more salacious claims in the dossier was a story that Donald Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on a bed in front of him.

The news comes after NBC severed ties to the ubiquitous left-leaning TV commentator and Game Change co-author David Halperin following claims from several women that he sexually harassed them.

Magazine management acknowledged there had been an investigation into Corn’s workplace behavior and that he was warned “about touching female staffers and insensitive descriptions of sexual violence,” the newspaper states. But Politico obtained two emails from former staffers that have prompted Mother Jones to re-examine Corn’s conduct.

According to Politico:

One of the emails, written in 2015 by a former staffer outlining concerns she had heard from other women in the Washington office, said Corn, now 58, made “rape jokes,” “regularly gave [several women] unwelcome shoulder rubs and engaged in uninvited touching of their legs, arms, backs, and waists,” and “made inappropriate comments about women’s sexuality and anatomy.” The other email, from 2014, was by a former female staffer who claimed that Corn “came up behind me and put his hands and arms around my body in a way that felt sexual and domineering.”

Naturally, Corn denies he did anything wrong.

“I am an exuberant person and have been known to pat male and female colleagues on the shoulder or slap them on the back, but always in a collegial or celebratory way,” he told Politico in a statement. “I have never touched any work colleague in a sexual manner. Once concerns were raised about this type of contact, I have been mindful to avoid it to prevent any misperception. If anyone ever perceived any of this as ‘sexual’ or ‘domineering,’ I am sorry—that was never my intent.”

“Sexual violence is not funny, and I have never joked about it, or about women’s sexuality and anatomy,” Corn wrote.

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