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Soros fingerprints all over #NotMyPresident protests

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On Nov. 17 LifeZette published my article about the George Soros-funded groups that are leading the violent protests against President-elect Donald Trump.

Below is the top of the piece along with select paragraphs:

Soros fingerprints all over #NotMyPresident protests

Activist groups funded by radical billionaire George Soros are fomenting civil unrest in the streets in hopes of kneecapping President-Elect Donald Trump even before he takes the oath of office on Jan. 20.

Those groups — including MoveOn and Black Lives Matter — are hurling the same old tired smears and epithets at Trump that they used during the election. Trump is racist, xenophobic, misogynist, anti-gay, fascistic, heartless, and plain old sinister, they shriek.

There is evidence that some anti-Trump protests after the election were staged events in which rent-a-mobs were imported from out of state. Soros is well-known for funding such inauthentic political activism. Democrat Hillary Clinton personally authorized illegal dirty tricks operations against Trump’s campaign, according to top Democrat operative Robert Creamer in undercover video shot by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action Fund.

NBC affiliate KGW reports that more than half of the anti-Trump demonstrators arrested in Portland, Oregon, weren’t Oregon voters. Of 112 taken into custody by the Portland Police Bureau, at least 69 of them “either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in the state.”

The Left’s goal, as it was during and after the bitter 36-day Florida recount in 2000, is to delegitimize the incoming president because he is a Republican. Democracy isn’t working properly if it puts non-leftists in power, left-wingers reason, so all GOP chief executives must be vigorously opposed.


But after eight years of President Obama’s Saul Alinsky-inspired tactics, including the near-constant vilification of opponents and the dangerous racial polarization the 44th president has cultivated, tensions are much, much rawer now than they were in 2000.

Protests aimed at undermining the president-elect’s legitimacy began springing up in the wee hours of Wednesday, Nov.9, after TV networks called the race for Trump. Soon after that, this writer saw and spoke to a handful of protesters who showed up at the new Trump International Hotel a few blocks away from the White House just after 4 a.m. On Oct. 1, “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, [No] Peace” with the second “no” expressed using a red circle with a slash, were spray-painted at the hotel’s entrance. On Nov. 12, a photo circulated of a protester holding a sign reading “Rape Melania,” a reference to the incoming first lady, at a large demonstration outside that hotel.


Black Lives Matter released a statement this week denouncing Trump and urging resistance to his presidency.

“Our mandate has not changed: organize and end all state-sanctioned violence until all Black Lives Matter,” the mini-manifesto begins. It refers to Trump’s victory as “the election of a white supremacist to the highest office in American government.”

Trump’s electoral triumph leaves BLM supporters feeling “betrayed.”

“Donald Trump has promised more death, disenfranchisement and deportations. We believe him. The violence he will inflict in office, and the permission he gives for others to commit violence, is just beginning to emerge. In the face of this, our commitment remains the same: protect ourselves and our communities.”

A Black Lives Matter leader vowed in the spring to riot if Trump won the election, Infowars reported in March. Rapper Tef Poe tweeted, “Dear white people if Trump wins young n*ggas such as myself are fully hell-bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”

Through his philanthropies, George Soros gave at least $33 million to Black Lives Matter-related activist groups that generated and exacerbated the civil unrest that rocked Ferguson, Missouri, and the nation after the August 2014 death of Michael Brown. […]

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