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UPDATED: Obama judge partly stays Trump order temporarily barring visitors from terrorism-plagued countries

Obama-appointed judge fighting President Trump's attempt to undo the immigration chaos Soros has underwritten

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(Updated to include news of partial stay)

An Obama-appointed federal judge has stayed in part President Trump’s executive order temporarily halting the admission of visitors from Muslim terrorism-producing countries.

The Obama appointee is U.S. District Court Judge Ann M. Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn).

I hate quoting the leftist zombies at Vox but there aren’t many reports out there with the particulars of what Donnelly did.

Dara Lind voxsplains:

Judge Donnelly announced during an emergency hearing Saturday night that she was granting a stay that would prevent the government from deporting immigrants currently detained in airports around the country.

The stay does not strike down the full executive order. It does not allow people to come to the US who are currently abroad. What it does is “preserve the status quo” for people who came to the US in the immediate aftermath of the executive order, after having been granted visas allowing them to legally come to the US (before the order was signed).

Donnelly’s probably unconstitutional order apparently arose from a lawsuit aimed at undermining Trump’s recent executive order. As the indefatigable Aaron Klein reported at Breitbart, George Soros-funded pressure groups had signed on to the lawsuit.

The Hungarian-born billionaire two dozen times over is a radical open-borders advocate committed to dissolving national boundaries. He has said Communist China’s system of government is superior to our own and that the United States is the number one obstacle to world peace. In the U.S. he has financed the violent, politically destabilizing Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements. He also funds many of the groups that participated in the various women’s marches across America on Jan. 21.

Trump’s executive order blocks visas for 90 days for “immigrants and non-immigrants” from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, all trouble spots home to Muslim terrorist activity.

The order also prevents refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days, indefinitely halts the entry of Syrian refugees, and adjusts downward the cap on refugee admission into the U.S. to 50,000 during the current federal fiscal year which began Oct. 1, 2016 and ends Sept. 30, 2017.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed by groups that have taken in grants from Soros’s two main philanthropies, Open Society Institute (now called Open Society Foundations) and the Foundation to Promote Open Society.

According to a philanthropy database, groups involved in the litigation have received substantial funding from Soros in recent years.

Among them are the National Immigration Law Center ($4.6 million), American Civil Liberties Union and affiliates (at least $35.5 million), and the International Refugee Assistance Project (formerly Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project) at the Urban Justice Center ($621,000 to the UJC).

Three years ago, Klein observes, the New York Times noted that “immigrant rights groups” underwritten by Soros influenced President Obama’s immigration policies.

Now President Trump is undoing what Soros has underwritten.