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Soros guy takes over Trump campaign finances

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Steven Mnuchin is a curious choice for finance chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. (And, sorry, I have no idea how to pronounce Mnuchin.)

Mnuchin used to work for the preeminent funder of the Left in the United States, the execrable anti-American billionaire George Soros. Mnuchin was an investment banker or something similar for hedge fund Soros Fund Management LLC.

Left-wing blogger Rick Cohen noted in 2014 that Mnuchin is a philanthropist “with a family foundation (the Steven and Heather Mnuchin Foundation), a trustee of other foundations, and with service as a board member at the Los Angeles Police Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art.”

Erick Erickson is overheating.  Mnuchin is “a big liberal Democrat who has direct ties to George Soros and Soros’s anti-Republican group America Coming Together … [and] a huge Democrat Party donor.”

Erickson continues: “Trump’s win looks more and more like a coup. And now the RNC is ordering purges of anyone who cannot support Trump.”

Time will tell.



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