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“We need to start killing people” including President Trump says F-bombing Black Lives Matter agitator

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(Language warning — BIG TIME)

A foul-mouthed Black Lives Matter agitator in Seattle told a rally that President Donald Trump and many others should be killed.

The Daily Caller identifies the “Black Lives Matter” apparel-wearing megaphone user as female, which may not be accurate. To this writer the person appears to be a male with a high-pitched voice. But there is no way to be sure of the sex of the speaker merely from viewing the video. Moreover, the speaker may identify as something other than male or female, or human, for that matter, so this post will avoid pronouns where possible.

By my count, the speaker dropped the F-bomb 55 times in a brief speech. Along the way, the speaker urged the assassination of the president (” … we need to start killing people … kill the White House … your fucking president …”), demanded reparations be paid to “black and indigenous people right now,” demanded the end of “white supremacy,” “capitalism,” and the private use of prison labor.

Perhaps the speaker was trying to outdo Casino and The Big Lebowski which are commonly regarded as the most F-bomb-saturated in modern American cinema. Check out these F-bomb-centric edited versions of Casino and The Big Lebowski for yourself.

(YUGE language warning — no joke)

I have provided a transcript here so Bombthrowers readers can have some insight into the psyche of anti-Trump rabble-rousers — and to give the Secret Service and FBI a head start in building a case against this repulsive terrorist who needs to be behind bars.

This is what the speaker said:

Honestly, fuck white supremacy, fuck the U.S. empire, fuck your imperialist ass flag. That shit’s gotta go. Fuck that shit.

You know what America thrives off of? Capitalism. We use our motherfucking fucking black and brown bodies to live and survive while white people own fucking properties after that. Yeah, there are poor white people, right, but black and brown people are affected by all of the shit around us and capitalism is one of them. So you know what we need to do?

We need to start giving fucking money, white people give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property. We need it fucking all.

You need to reparate [sic] black and indigenous people right now. Pay the fuck up. Pay the fuck up. Okay. It ain’t just your fucking time. It’s your fucking money and your fucking life is now devoted to social change. Right? Yeah.

I’m tired of y’all also complaining about you don’t have time, well, we don’t have fucking time either. You know what I mean? We have fucking classes. Some of us are working 40 fucking hours. You know, 40 fucking hours, and juggling fucking different classes under white supremacy. We’re all operating under white supremacy, just so you know.

And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your fucking White House, your fucking president, they must go! Fuck the White House. Fuck the White House and fuck your voting, I’m with her, Donald Trump, I don’t give a fuck.

Because you know what? Obama deported so many fucking people but y’all still are fixated on voting for a fucking president.

Capitalism. Capitalism, is what we, it’s fucking racism, you know.

Prisons, private fucking prisons. You shop at Whole Foods you’re fucking supporting private prison labors. I don’t give a fuck about your organic shit. You could have grown itself yourself. And you know what? Don’t talk about poor black and brown people communities who don’t have the motherfucking time to grow it. White people grow it, bring it to the fucking black and brown communities so that we can have fucking healthy food shit too.

I’m fucking tired. I’m fucking sick. And you know what? I am a peaceful teacher who’s gonna fucking bust the lies. I gotta go. Teach your kids to throw that fucking cop car in the garbage. That shit has got to go. That shit has got to go.

Fuck all that shit and fuck your respectability. Fuck you, side-eyeing motherfuckers. Because I know you’re fucking, in the back of your fucking head, y’all still got shit to dismantle.

Whether it’s your motherfucking patriarchy, your motherfucking anti-blackness, anti-queerness, anti-transphobic, not recognizing that black and brown, trans, queer, woman, and femmes and non-binary people have motherfucking led the fucking way so keep your motherfucking seat and given them your fucking money and walk the fuck away after because I ain’t trying to fucking talk to you.

This speaker isn’t representative of all Trump-hating Black Lives Matter supporters but is illustrative of how the Left has run out of arguments. At the anti-Trump women’s march in Washington, D.C., Madonna mused about blowing up the White House and actress Ashley Judd compared Trump to Hitler.

All they can do is curse and rant and shock.

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