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The Freedom Tax: 6 million-plus Americans pay fine instead of joining Obamacare exchanges

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Last year 6.5 million Americans paid the prescribed fine instead of signing up on the Obamacare insurance exchange as required by the blatantly unconstitutional* individual mandate in the ridiculous Obamacare statute, pollster Scott Rasmussen writes at Ballotpedia.

Rasmussen writes

The mandate has always been the most unpopular part of President Obama’s healthcare law, officially known as the Affordable Care Act. In addition to those who pay the fine rather than buy the mandated levels of insurance, 15 million people would drop their Obamacare coverage if it were legal to do so.

The continuing unpopularity of Obamacare insurance coverage raises questions about “stability in the individual-health-insurance market,” says healthcare policy analyst Bob Laszewski.

Well, duh.

He adds that “only about 40 percent of those eligible for subsidies have signed up for coverage. In what other business or government program would such a dismal acceptance by those it was targeted to serve be considered a success?”

*The Supreme Court disagrees.

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