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The “Resistance” shot a Republican congressman today


By Daniel Greenfield

After losing the election, Democrats decided to rebrand as the “Resistance.” Now Resistance street violence has escalated into an assassination. But that’s what a “Resistance” does.

If Republicans are just fascists and President Trump is a tinpot dictator, well you shoot fascists and dictators, don’t you?

Our political system depends on a consensus. Everyone fights it out at election time. And then goes back to work the next day. When you reject the results of an election and try to reverse it, some will try to reverse it with fake news scandals and impeachment efforts.

Others will just pick up a gun.

And there’s no point in pretending that James Hodgkinson wasn’t a product of the left’s hate machine which encompasses everything from the evening news to the crazier sites out there. When James Hodgkinson declared that it’s time to “destroy” Trump, how many on the left would have disagreed? [Hodgkinson reportedly opened fire on Republican lawmakers and staffers at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., this morning. Rep. Steve Scalise was shot and is reportedly in stable condition in a hospital. -Editor]

The only question is how many more like James Hodgkinson are there out there?

There are two ways to look at a “Resistance.” Either they’re correct and we’re living under a fascist dictatorship and then any and all tactics to overthrow it, including shooting Republicans and the children of their staffers practicing for a charity baseball game, are on the table.

Or they’re terrorists.

The left is a terrorist organization. The Resistance Democrats that allowed these radicals to take over and joined them are turning their political faction into a terrorist organization.

The test is easy. It goes beyond just condemning James Hodgkinson. The real test is how many elected Dem officials after this will reject the rhetoric and branding of the “Resistance”. How many of them will have the courage to condemn it?

I’m going to guess between 1 and 0.

This article first appeared at FrontPageMag.