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The treachery of MoveOn

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MoveOn can’t move on.

As I write, the left-wingers at MoveOn are plotting a coup against the people of the United States.

The George Soros-funded group is polling members to ask if MoveOn should “call on the Electoral College to reject Donald Trump as president of the United States?”

The poll is contained within the group’s latest lie-filled mass email to members:

This would be a big step for us, but the CIA’s reported conclusion that the Russian government actively interfered with the U.S. presidential election—with the goal of helping Trump win—is a big deal.


There were many arguments for the Electoral College to reject Trump, even before the CIA’s revelations.

Ethics experts—Republican and Democrat—say that Trump’s business entanglements with foreign governments will put him in violation of the U.S. Constitution the minute he’s sworn in.

He has now delayed giving any answers on how he will (or won’t) resolve these conflicts until after the Electoral College votes.

For all those reasons and more, one Republican elector from a state Trump won has already said that he will not cast his vote for Trump—and he says there are others who will not either.

Several lawsuits have been filed to allow electors to vote their conscience without facing fines or legal punishment. A bipartisan group of electors has sent an open letter to intelligence agencies requesting access to classified information on Russian interference in the election—a request that MoveOn is actively supporting.

And this weekend, Representative Jim Himes became one of the first members of Congress to call for the Electoral College to reject Trump. […]

Will these people succeed? Very doubtful.

But that is beside the point. This is all part of the Left’s effort to delegitimize Donald Trump’s approaching presidency.

Hillary Clinton supports this. Barack Obama supports this.

And it’s not going to stop anytime soon.



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