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The Week’s Worst: Episode 18 — Why Hillary lost

This is Episode 18 of “The Week’s Worst” podcast.

The Capital Research Center’s Dr. Steven J. Allen and Matthew Vadum discuss the worst news story of the last week.

In this episode: Hillary Clinton emerges and discusses why she thinks she lost the 2016 election.

Our moderator was Capital Research Center’s media producer Jake Klein.

(Bombthrowers is a project of Capital Research Center.)

Listen to the podcast here.

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  • Carolyn

    Sorry, BombThrowers, but I do NOT have 38 minutes and 2 seconds to listen to your podcast. While it sounds fascinating, I only have a few minutes of time, NOT half an hour. Please, if you want to get my attention (and anyone else’s), put it in writing.

    • Bo Bo BoBo

      Hillary Clinton lost the election because America knows that she is an incorrigible LIAR!

      • Carolyn E

        Thank you. You wrote it, I read it and I’m grateful. But that only illustrates how much the written word trumps the voiced one. Might I suggest that Allen and Vadum invest in voice recognition software? (I use Dragon and it’s superb.) This would allow them to post a transcript below their podcast and I assure you LOTS more would read the written text than sit down and listen to these two men speak. I’m sure they’re very gifted vocally and, judging by their opinion of Hillary, they’re obviously very intelligent. However, the ordinary person simply doesn’t have a half hour to spend on listening to them. Trump grasped that which is why when he spoke he did in 5 sentences or less. And when he did speak longer, he made sure the transcript was right there. Trump is the person to study for how to communicate in media. I love the man.