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TONIGHT: ‘The Enemies Within’ premieres in Washington DC


Trevor Loudon’s long-awaited documentary The Enemies Within is finally here and debuting tonight in Washington!

The Enemies Within profiles 14 U.S. senators and more than 50 representatives. (movie website)

The new movie zooms in on the best kept secret of modern politics: almost no one is aware of the fact that fewer than 20,000 U.S. communists, socialists, and extreme progressives are able to influence the politicians, and even write the laws that control the lives of over 300 million Americans.

The film examines American politicians’ ties to the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, the Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations.

Here is the where and the when:

Thursday, September 8, 9:00 p.m.
in the Thurgood Marshall North room
The Wardman Park Marriott
2660 Woodley Road NW
Washington DC 20008
(one block North of the Woodley Park metro station on the Red Line)

According to Capital Research Center senior vice president Matthew Vadum, Trevor Loudon “is one of the world’s leading experts on the radical left. He is one of those rare lay scholars who truly appreciates the grave existential threat that left-wing radicalism poses to Western civilization. Loudon unmasks the enemies of liberty one by one.”

Loudon profiled the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center in the October 2010 Foundation Watch.