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Trevor Loudon at CPAC 2017

The commie hunter speaks

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CPAC was treated to a rare event on Thursday. Intrepid researcher and investigative journalist Trevor Loudon offered his insightful perspective on the current state of political affairs in a panel discussion titled “When Did WW III Begin?” Trevor was joined on stage by Daily Caller columnist Ginni Thomas, Milwaukee County, Wisc., Sheriff David Clarke, former CIA operative Clare Lopez, and Maureen Ohlhausen, acting chairman of the FTC.

Inviting Trevor to speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference is actually quite historic. He brings a unique perspective, based on decades of in-depth research about the radical Left in the U.S., that challenges our understanding and beliefs. CPAC has often shied away from such bold presenters, but Trevor is unknown to most Americans.

In 2010, CPAC’s keynote speaker was Glenn Beck. Only those of us familiar with Trevor know that it was his extensive research that made Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News Channel the explosive success it was. It was Trevor’s work that allowed Glenn Beck to expose Obama’s “green jobs czar” Van Jones, as the unrepentant, self-described communist he is. Jones was forced to resign as a result of that disclosure. It was Trevor who exposed Obama’s membership in the ACORN-aligned New Party during his budding political career in Chicago. It was Trevor who exposed Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis as Obama’s childhood mentor for eight of his most formative years. We have since learned that many of Obama’s top advisors, like Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, were offspring or otherwise related to members of Davis’s Chicago communist network.

As a native New Zealander, Trevor has a special appreciation for the United States which protected Kiwis from invasion by the Japanese during World War II. He knows that the world’s future is inextricably linked to America’s:

If it hadn’t been for the sacrifice of your fathers and uncles and grandfathers at Guadalcanal, and the Coral Sea and Midway, we [New Zealand] would have been done…

Anybody who cares about freedom has to care about the United States. Because the United States is the bulwark, is the lynchpin that keeps all of the world stable and all of the world free.

Now, for the last eight years you’ve had a president who was more interested in aiding your enemies and trashing your allies than any you’ve had before…

Trevor described the unprecedented level of post-election violence and protest:

The media will tell you that these are just upset college kids who are worried about the future… but that is all complete garbage…

In fact they are sore losers. In Trevor’s inimitable words, “They are like a bunch of kids who thought they were going to get a bike for Christmas, and they got a pair of socks. So they are spitting tacks…”

The crowd roared with laughter.

He continued:

The people behind these movements are professional revolutionaries, hardcore people. Some of them have been in the movement since the Vietnam War. They belong to organizations like the Workers World Party, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America, which has tripled its membership from 6,000 to more than 15,000 in the last three months. These are professional revolutionaries. And they are allied to the Cubans, they’re allied to Iran, they’re allied to the Palestinian radicals and some of them are even allied to this day, to Putin’s Russia… The radical Left have never given up on Moscow. The Democratic Party has been in bed with Moscow for more than 50 years, and they have the insolence to accuse Trump of this.

Trevor called Trump’s election “a miracle.” He said, to cheers, “Against all odds, we actually elected a president who cares about the country.”

But Trevor really hit a home run when he described the endgame:

The radicals are upset and they have two purposes. The first is to make this country ungovernable, to slow down the president, to tie him up in court, to create riots in the streets, to make him unpopular.

The second reason for these protests is to convince squishy Republicans:

Make Trump totally unpopular, to stall his agenda, and demonize him. Because then, they will try and impeach him, they hope to scare so many squishy Republicans that they will come across and they will vote with the Democrats. That is the plan.

Trevor also described how the American Left is working with the Muslim Brotherhood in America, as represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and others. He urged people to push back against this agenda. He believes we are at a very dangerous stage in our history. Although Congress, state houses nationwide, and now the presidency are all in Republican hands, many of those Republicans are timid or are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). They have to be convinced to stand behind President Trump and his agenda to rebuild America.

All this is true, of course. But in today’s world of toxic PC insanity, pointing out the truth makes one a “racist,” a “bigot,” an “Islamophobe,” or their favorite, “right-wing extremist,” and Trevor, of course, is on the receiving end of much of this venom. Left-wing organizations like Rightwing Watch (People for the American Way), Media Matters, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, are dedicated to identifying and vilifying such conservatives and others who refuse to toe the party line. Intellectually challenged and ethics-free, these organizations seek to destroy anyone who brings light and understanding. As Jesus said, “Know the truth and the truth shall set ye free.” But the compulsively despotic Left seeks to stifle freedom, for it is freedom that threatens their dominance.

Trevor paraphrased V.I. Lenin:

Accuse others of what you are doing yourself. Demonize them, fix them, polarize them, spread hatred, tell lies about your opposition. Has anybody seen this in the last few months?

We need to push back and push back hard. Trevor concluded his remarks, saying:

You know this is our last chance to turn it around, folks. We have to take it… Right now it is a dangerous time. So I’m asking anybody who cares about America, get on Facebook, get on Twitter, stand up, fight the Muslim Brotherhood, fight the radicals, stand up for American values, and just give ’em Hell folks!

Well said, Trevor.

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