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Trump DHS nominee demands amnesty

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President Trump’s nominee to run the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) doesn’t seem too interested in enforcing the nation’s immigration laws.

At a recent confirmation hearing, Kirstjen Nielsen said “we owe” amnesty to the roughly 700,000 illegal aliens now shielded from deportation under President Obama’s constitutionally suspect and soon-to-expire Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“I believe that we must and we owe it to them to find a permanent solution,” she said of a prospective DACA amnesty that could lead to an estimated 19 million foreign nationals immigrating to the United States legally. “It’s no way to expect anyone to live a month or two months at a time,” said Nielsen, pulling out the bogus we-have-to-bring-them-out-of-the-shadows argument.

Previously, she said she was committed to pushing a DACA amnesty through Congress.

“Congress has a clear constitutional policymaking authority to change immigration law in order to develop a permanent solution for those individuals that were [DACA] recipients,” Nielsen wrote. “If confirmed, I will stand ready to work with Congress to provide any technical assistance needed towards a permanent, legal solution and towards enacting measures that enhance border security, interior enforcement, and our immigration system generally.”

This is not the way a DHS secretary is supposed to talk, but of course she’s a Bush person. She worked in George W. Bush’s White House which should have made her vetters suspicious.

Why is President Trump pushing her nomination which is at odds with his stated policy goals? Only he knows.

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