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Trump speaks truth to the evil powers

Finally a pro-American U.S. president addresses the freak show that is the United Nations


It really goes without saying, but in these times is important to say nonetheless, that President Trump’s speech before the UN was an unqualified success.

In his first appearance before the UN General Assembly, a place far worse than the Mos Eisley spaceport, chock full of brutish and insane dictators, genocidal Islamist radical clerics, and socialist mini-me Stalins, Donald Trump did something that the leftist posers in the United States constantly brag about doing to him – speaking truth to his (evil) power. And, as the leftists also brag they will do, Trump spoke the truth in the most appropriately dismissive and insulting manner possible to his wretched audience of scum and villains.

(Watch Donald Trump’s full speech to the United Nations General Assembly from CNBC.)

After the cowardice shown during the eight years of his predecessor, Barack Obama, the truth needed to be communicated to these people at the UN.

In his initial speech to the UN in 2009, President Obama maligned the U.S., under the prior president, George W. Bush, by claiming that the U.S. had “tortured” detainees imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay during the War on Terror. Contrary to this canard, repeated endlessly by both President Obama and the mainstream media, the U.S. did not torture the terrorists/Islamist fighters in Guantanamo (or in any other prison) it captured. In fact, we know what torture is, as it is defined in the U.S. Code, and if it did occur, then the detainees should have been able to prove it in a court of law (since the Supreme Court unconstitutionally gave them the ability to appeal to U.S. courts). But they didn’t, and couldn’t, because the worst thing that happened to any detainees – the waterboarding of the three terrorists – is not really torture. Unless the courts want to admit that the U.S. has been torturing thousands of American soldiers during their training for countless years.

In his speech to the UN in 2012, President Obama got a lot of attention for his shameless lie that an obscure video had instigated the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans, when in reality it was an organized al-Qaeda attack. Less attention, however, was paid to his weak defense of free speech, which included the statement that “[t]he future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Rather than pandering to the radical Muslim delegates with this statement, Obama should have simply told them that Muslim society would have to learn to tolerate videos that might insult the prophet of Islam, or its tenets, like every other religion tolerates insults to their own prophets or tenets (some of which have come from the world’s Muslims).

A North Korean diplomat listens to Trump’s UN address.

And in his speech to the UN in 2016, President Obama brazenly prevaricated about “resolv[ing] the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy.” In reality, this diplomacy was nothing more than an expensive bribe coupled with excessive butt-kissing for the virulently anti-American and anti-Semitic Islamist Iranians. It was a bribe that utterly failed in its main purpose, which was to impede their development of a nuclear weapon and associated technology – see their known violations of the deal and their frequent ballistic missile launches – and also failed in its secondary purpose, which was to garner some goodwill with them – see their increasing aggression in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, their taking of American hostages, and their threatening of American sailors in the Persian Gulf.

An Iranian diplomat listening to Trump’s UN speech.

Meanwhile, President Trump spoke some real truth to the powers that be at the UN – to the third-generation communist dictator, Kim Jong un; to the mad and genocidal mullahs of Iran; and to the Venezuelan second-string socialist tyrant Nicolas Maduro. This is important because in all three of these cases, these nations and their leadership have been causing major problems and dangers for the U.S., and for U.S. allies.

But under President Obama, the U.S. refused to do what needed to be done, because, well … smart diplomacy. Which, in reality, isn’t so smart, since it is human relations 101 that appeasing dangerous rogue countries or peoples only encourages them to continue to misbehave, if not demand more, and also encouraged other nations or peoples to go rogue. Then again, President Obama acted the way he did not because he was so smart, but because he was such a self-hating American, and such a cowardly wuss. Obama believed (and still believes) that the U.S. was always at fault for all of its problems with other nations, and he was deathly afraid of using U.S. power in an aggressive manner. This is how we got his ludicrous strategy of “leading from behind,” which wasn’t really leadership in any way, and was responsible for the absolute destruction of the nation of Libya and the resulting death of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans who got caught up in the chaos.

President Trump has shown that he is not afraid to talk back to those who mean us harm. This is an important first step, when it comes to advancing the U.S.’s national interest. I hope he keeps it up.