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Twitter delenda est

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Twitter proves once again that it is a rotten organization that suppresses views with which it disagrees.

Twitter locked investigative journalist James O’Keefe III of Project Veritas out of his account for a ridiculous reason.

According to Project Veritas:

After releasing two viral videos over the last two days, Project Veritas Founder and President James O’Keefe is no longer allowed to access his Twitter account. According to Twitter, he is blocked from accessing his account for twelve hours, at which point they reserve the right to make him pass additional hurdles to access his account.

On Tuesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows Manhattan Democratic Election Commissioner Alan Schulkin admitting that voter fraud does indeed exist.

On Wednesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows a male Hillary Clinton staffer stating: “To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s [female coworker] ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”

The second video also showed the campaign worker stating that he could rip up Republican voter registration forms and not be reprimanded.

O’Keefe received an email from Twitter at 7:59 PM EST on October 12, 2016 stating the following:

Hi James O’Keefe,
Your account @JamesOKeefeIII has been locked.

Please go to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.

Following the link provided by Twitter only took O’Keefe to their rules page but didn’t offer any additional helpful information.


This is not only hypocrisy — Twitter allows pornographic images and videos showing actual sexual activities — it is digital fascism.

Twitter is openly, unabashedly partisan.

Our May 2016 Foundation Watch by Lane Davis and Milo Yiannopoulos examined how Twitter and other social media enforce left-wing ideology. The primary funder of this evil is the left-wing John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Twitter’s days are numbered.