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Using Tax Exemptions as Weapons

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Over at, I discuss recent attacks on the Boy Scouts’ tax exemptions by gay rights activists:

The persecution of the Boy Scouts is just one more example of how pernicious it is to argue that tax exemptions equal governmental endorsement and subsidization. Our civil society is supposed to be diverse and tolerant. If our nonprofits aren’t allowed to hold sharply different points of view, to teach their members different outlooks on life, to disagree about the best ways of life, then our nation has ceased to be free, much less tolerant or diverse.

… Amazing, isn’t it, that a gay rights group is attacking the Boy Scouts in a way that the Bull Connors of Alabama never dreamt of attacking the NAACP? (Of course, it’s also amazing that an administration led by the first African-American President has imitated Alabama segregationists by demanding nonprofits hand over their donor lists.)

Read the whole piece here.


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