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U. of Wisconsin professor teaching “whiteness” class celebrated murder of five cops in Texas

Professor D is keepin' it real in his sick mind

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Wisconsin State Representative Dave Murphy (R) drew national media attention this week by having a normal, ethical reaction to the sort of sick, hate-filled sewage that passes for education in America’s universities these days:

Turning up the heat on the long-smoldering relationship between state lawmakers and the University of Wisconsin System, leading Republicans are threatening to pull any hope of more state funding unless a new course at UW-Madison called “The Problem of Whiteness” is canceled. . .

Murphy, who is chairman of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, said he and his staff looked at “The Problem of Whiteness” course description for the spring semester, as well as the background of its teacher, Assistant Professor Damon Sajnani. He concluded: “We are adding to the polarization of the races in our state.”

Continuing being sane, Rep. Murphy criticized Professor Sajnani for cheering the assassination of five Dallas police officers last summer:

[Murphy] was particularly bothered by Sajnani’s Twitter posts after five Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper on July 7. Sajnani posted a link to a song called “Officer Down,” and wrote, “Watching CNN, this is the song I am currently enjoying in my head.” Later, he posted: “Is the uprising finally starting? Is this style of protest gonna go viral?”

Here are just about the only lyrics from Officer Down that may be printed in polite company without removing half the words:

Police get in the way, I’ll murder them, I’ll murder dem

A [N-word] already got three strikes, I’ll murder them

I said I’ll murder them, any [M-word] touch me

I’ll murder them, I’ll murder them

You don’t believe me, wait and see, I’ll murder them

You see I told you, I’d murder them

Rep. Murphy has called for Sajnani to be fired by UW.  This raises another sane question that hasn’t been previously asked: why wasn’t Sajnani disciplined in July when he celebrated the murder of police?

Is it reasonable for the administration of UW to assume that students who are white, or students who are planning to be police, or have relatives who are police could enroll in Sajnani’s class without facing discrimination?  The administrators who permit this sort of behavior are playing with fire.  They deserve every bit of the scrutiny they are now receiving from people who dare to demand that university professors be held to the same standards that would apply to, say, a receptionist at the same institution.

A defender of Sajnani could argue, by the way, that the academic’s cop-bloodlust is part of his job. He is, after all, a “rap artist” himself, a fact of which UW is clearly aware.

A head shot distributed by his label Justus League Records of Toronto, Canada, gives his name as Damon Chandru, but he goes by Professor D or (pronounced Professor D dot U.S.).

Sajnani was the inaugural Nasir Jones HipHop Fellow at the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University in 2014-15.

His Facebook page ( tells you much of what you need to know about this academic poseur.

His current profile picture is an ode to the recently deceased Fidel Castro. The caption on the close-up of Castro reads: “’Keep it CLASSy mi gente.’ Rest in freedom to the REAL most interesting man in the world. August 13, 1926 – November 25, 2016[.]”


Before that it was Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” painting with the words “genocide,” “terrorism,” “small pox,” “colonization,” and “torture” superimposed in red as if from dripping blood.


This is what your tax dollars fund.