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Vulgar women march in DC

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Yesterday, Washington was overwhelmed by loud, obnoxious, stupid, foul-mouthed people most of whom were women.

They refuse to accept Donald J. Trump as president of the United States.

One of them was Madonna who told the assembled masses she thought many times about “blowing up the White House” but decided against it because it “wouldn’t change anything.”

Madonna is expected to be investigated by the Secret Service.

In front of an estimated half million people, the wrinkly hag wore a black “pussyhat” and used the F-word four times.

Commie mockumentary maker Michael Moore handed the microphone to whackjob actress Ashley Judd who read a poem aloud.

“I feel Hitler in these streets,” Judd said, “A mustache traded for a toupee. Nazis renamed.”

So many washed-up celebrities turn to political activism as people stop caring about them. Sad. It’s a coping mechanism Mother Nature invented to ease them into irrelevance.

Marchers carried around vulgar signs.

The “stay cunty” sign shown in the above (and below) photograph is typical.







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