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Harvey Weinstein isn’t about male misbehavior, but leftist power


By Daniel Greenfield

It’s a safe bet that whatever the issue, Lena Dunham should never be heard from in any way relating to it. Not because, as she would assert, she’s a woman. But because she’s a narcissistic machine capable of doing little except taking pictures of herself and emitting leftist memes.

But the New York Times decided to give her space for an op-ed.

“Harvey Weinstein and the Silence of the Men,” is the headline. And that’s all I’ll quote.

The issue isn’t the “silence of men.” Take Meryl Streep, the grande dame of Hollywood, who announced she was appalled at Harvey only after he resigned. And all the other actresses releasing their belated condemnations once the big man was down.

Women were just as silent as men. If not more so. The most vocal Harvey apologist now is Donna Karan.

Harvey Weinstein made a lot of people’s careers. Men and women. He could also break careers. Those of men and women.

There’s no mystery here. Everyone on the inside knew what he was. Even plenty of those with only a passing knowledge of the industry knew.

Harvey Weinstein was protected by power that he accumulated within a leftist industry and which he cloaked in leftist politics. Hence the Obama fundraisers, Hillary photos, Bill Clinton interview, the Planned Parenthood shindig and all that. It’s why he tried blaming a right-wing conspiracy afterward.

Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton.

And how many of the lefty celebs condemning Harvey Weinstein would say a thing about Bill Clinton? How many of them believe the women who accused him? Right. They’re all lying trash. It’s a right-wing conspiracy, isn’t it?

You can see why Harvey Weinstein went that route.

Please tell me more about the silence of men coming from the same lefties, male and female, who shouted down every one of Bill’s accusers, mocked, ridiculed, and dismissed their existence.

This article first appeared at FrontPageMag.