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Whackjob academic losing it over Trump victory

Donald Trump = Louis Farrakhan?

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Paranoid America-hating left-wing academic Mark Q. Sawyer of UCLA has been circulating emails among his colleagues to let them know about the despair he feels as a result of President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory.

“Democratic norms and institutions and basic civility rest upon very little. Trumpism as a political philosophy has already produced more than its fair share of violence. The confrontations will get worse and more intense as he proceeds on a project that is far more divisive than anything we have seen from the Republican party with playing off racial unrest and paranoia is the central currency,” he wrote, according to the Daily Caller.

He cautioned his colleagues, writing “I pray my colleagues are not sending the message to just calm the waters and let people think this is just business as usual (as the doomsday clock gets moved).”

“How bothered are we that there are white nationalists in the White House,” he wrote. “We’ve elected a person who’s racial politics are somewhere in the same universe as Louis Farrakhan to the White House. He’s just a white version.”

Tim Groseclose, professor of economics at George Mason University and previously a professor of political science at UCLA, said race scholars at UCLA aren’t known for their integrity.

“One thing about the professors at UCLA who study race: They don’t place a high priority on telling the truth. I would say they’re lying, but I think the problem is more complex. Often, I think it’s more accurate to call it carelessness or a disregard for the truth. Sometimes even, I think the problem is that they lack the ability to discern the truth.”

It’s not just UCLA. Those who study race everywhere in the country tend to be charlatans.

(photo source: UCLA)


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