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Why do conservatives dislike George Soros?

It’s not because of anti-Semitism, as the Left claims


Axios, a leftist establishment-type website, is puzzled by what it perceives as conservatives’ inordinate fear of left-wing billionaire activist George Soros. They wonder why the poor fellow gets such a bad rap from the Right. (Some other lefties even go as far as claiming anti-Semitism is behind Soros’ unpopularity, which is particularly rich considering his background – see below.)

In the interest of reaching out to these confused leftists, let me try to explain why it is only so natural for George Soros to have the reputation he has on the Right.

First, George Soros, although a very young man at the time, and although of the Jewish faith, was a Nazi collaborator. During World War II, while in his native Hungary, he assisted the Nazi occupiers in the confiscation of property from other Jews. This is something he has admitted doing, on 60 Minutes, and something he also said he does not regret.

As one fact-checking website reported, “one of the jobs delegated to young George’s temporary protector, a Hungarian bureaucrat named Baumbach, was taking inventory of Jewish properties already confiscated by the Nazis, the extent of Soros’s participation was accompanying Baumbach on one of these assignments.” [italics in original]

By itself, the fact that a minor George Soros assisted Nazis during WWII need not make him an evil man. Soros was in no position to stand up to the Nazis at that point in his life. But what is disturbing about the whole incident is not his collaboration, but instead, his stated lack of regret; a normal person would be racked with guilt over helping the Nazis steal from fellow Jews whom they were also murdering. But not Soros.

Second, Soros is known for being a “ruthless stock market juggler.” Most prominently, in 1992, Soros, together with other investors, “invested big amounts of money to weaken the British pound. He did so by swapping pounds for other European currencies such as the deutschmark or the French franc.” This eventually led to the devaluation of the British pound and forced Britain to leave the European Monetary System on “Black Wednesday.” Estimates have placed the cost to the British taxpayer of Black Wednesday from either a low of £3.3 billion or a high of £27 billion. That is a lot of money lost for ordinary British citizens. That day also earned Soros a billion dollars. And this was just one example; Soros continued to “mak(e) a profit from countries’ weak spots” until he officially retired in 2011.

Third, Soros, who is an American citizen, is known for funding left-wing groups that (at least) strongly dislike, if not hate, the U.S. He has boasted of giving away $12 billion both personally and through his Open Society Foundations, to left-wing groups like the ACLU, Amnesty International, Planned Parenthood, and More disturbingly, Soros has also provided funding for the terrorist movement Black Lives Matter, and the self-proclaimed antifascist (Antifa) groups, which are often violent, prompting noted conservative Dinesh D’Souza to write that Soros “has created a militia of paid thugs similar to the Italian Blackshirts and the Nazi Brownshirts.”

Soros, the former Nazi collaborator, also funds anti-Israel groups. (This is why he is sometimes labeled a “self-hating Jew.”) This includes J Street, an organization which originally pretended it was not getting Soros money – since his anti-Israel position is well known – only to eventually admit the truth. J Street is not just left-wing; its beyond-the-pale rabid anti-Israel positions have been strongly criticized by pro-Israel lefties like Alan Dershowitz and many others.

So, what we have here is a left-wing Jewish-American citizen named George Soros who collaborated, without particular regret, with the Nazis during WWII, who made his living by crashing the currencies of other nations, and who funds – sometimes dishonestly – all sorts of deviant anti-American groups – including violent ones – who are well outside the normal mainstream of American politics. On top of all this, Soros is, to put it politely, not a particularly good-looking elderly individual, with a harsh Hungarian accent. For god sakes, all he needs is a fuzzy white cat, and he could easily be the next James Bond villain!

So, is it really surprising that conservatives who are often themselves targeted for defeat and ridicule by this guy and his semi-secret funding empire might see former Nazi collaborator George Soros as a “bogeyman?”

I don’t think so, unless you are a left-wing reporter.