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Why is Sidney Blumenthal at the DNC in Philly?

PHILADELPHIA — Sid Vicious, the soulless Machiavellian political operative, is here, dragging the baggage of Hillary Clinton’s many scandals with him for all of America’s voters to see.

I refer to legendary sleaze-monger Sidney Blumenthal, a man who specialized in assassinating the character of those individuals that Bill Clinton’s White House considered to be problems. Blumenthal’s the Clintonista who lied about Monica Lewinsky, claiming she was a “stalker” of the then-president when in reality she was just another of Slick Willy’s flings.

So what is this radioactive leftist propagandist doing here at the Democratic National Convention?

Could he be advising Hillary?

Could he be here to manage any new Bill Clinton “bimbo eruptions”?

Maybe he is in place to take out errant Bernie Sanders supporters who are quite justifiably angry because the primaries were rigged by the DNC.

Perhaps he is here to spin away the vile pronouncements of his son, Max Blumenthal, whose hatred of America is exceeded only by his hatred of Israel.

More recently, the elder Blumenthal has been embroiled in controversy related to the mischief he’s been manufacturing under the auspices of Mrs. Clinton. While at Foggy Bottom Hillary hired him as a consultant over the explicit objections of President Obama who reportedly wanted nothing to do with him. (Obama consorts with morally reprehensible people every day so for him to run away from Blumenthal really says something.)

While Hillary was setting North Africa and the Middle East on fire during the Arab Spring she engineered, Blumenthal was on the payroll of the political favors trading platform known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Blumenthal, who has no known expertise in Libyan affairs, was advising Hillary on Libya and being paid $200,000 a year to do so by her foundation.

Blumenthal has also acknowledged getting paid $200,000 a year for his services by nut job David Brock’s tax-exempt nonprofit, Media Matters for America and an array of slimier groups like Correct the Record which shill for Clinton.

(Note: I took this photo of Blumenthal on Sunday around dinner time just after he arrived at the 30th Street train station in Philadelphia.)