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Wusses of the foreign policy establishment


It’s not just on the issue of making Jerusalem the officially recognized capital city of Israel that cowardice rules. Let’s face facts: the State Department/U.S. foreign policy establishment (FPE for short) is chock full of wusses who are endangering our very lives.

The fat little dictator who runs the concentration camp known as North Korea loves to fire off his ballistic missiles and threaten nuclear war. He has these nuclear missiles, by the way, because, starting with President Bill Clinton, the U.S. kept pumping money to the North Koreans for their absolute “pinkie swear” not to develop nuclear weapons. It was a promise they eventually discarded; but the North Korean money demands kept coming. Then, when, instead of engaging in more diplomacy/bribery, President Trump called out fat boy as “Rocket Man” – actually a tame insult, if you ask me – and then threatened him and his regime with destruction – in response to the North Korean nuclear threats – the FPE got its panties in a bunch over Trump’s language.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Kurds, who have been allied with the U.S. since the Persian Gulf War, and love Americans and the U.S., just held a referendum on seeking independence from the walking corpse that is the government of Iraq. The central government of Iraq, mind you, is currently controlled by the genocidal, anti-American theocracy in Iran, thanks to the “leading from behind” strategy of former President Barack Obama’s – let’s call him Obambi! – decision to flee from the Iraqi battlefield in 2011. But the FPE doesn’t want the U.S. to support the Kurdish project, or even acknowledge it, because they are too afraid to rustle the feathers of Iran’s leader, who still wants “death to America” (this time with nukes), and the ludicrous Turkey of a despot from the nation of Turkey.

At the same time, President Trump is also approaching judgment day regarding the Iran deal, the deal that President Obambi foisted on the U.S., which, in a repeat of the North Korean deals (and also negotiated by some of these very same wuss U.S. diplomats) basically involved bribing the Iranians with hundreds of billions of dollars in return for the release of a few Iranian-seized American hostages (which the Iranians quickly replaced) and some BS Iranian promises not to develop nuclear weapons. Not surprisingly, Iran has been using all of this money to fuel its terrorism and aggression throughout the world, and is even more vocal about its hatred of the U.S. (and all our allies too). It is also violating the agreement, which we know even though this deal is so stupidly designed that the U.S. and our Europeans allies can’t inspect Iranian military sites, where the actual nuclear development would occur, because the Iranians won’t allow it. But still, Obambi administration veterans, the FPE, and even some Trump administration officials such as the Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis, are quaking in their boots over their fear that President Trump might abandon this deal.

By the way, one of the reasons these geniuses claim that the U.S. can’t repudiate the Iran deal is because the Europeans – France, the U.K., and Germany – supposedly won’t go along with us if we vacate it. As if it matters what the Europeans want, or whine. Does anyone remember the eighties, when the Europeans, like the spoiled children they are, were busy protesting the placing of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe? Did President Reagan listen to the rants of these crybabies, whose parents the U.S. saved twice in world wars? No, he didn’t, and he won the Cold War too, largely without European assistance (with the exception of Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher).

Guess what? If daddy U.S. tells the Europeans to jump (off) when it comes to the Iran deal, and he really means it, they will eventually ask him how high. If he tells them to learn to love the Kurdish nation, they will do so. If he tells them to read the Bible, and note that Jerusalem is listed as the capital of Israel, and if God is okay with it, they better be too, they will come to understand the logic here. And if daddy U.S. smacks down the nuclear nuts in North Korean and Iran, the Europeans will go along as well, and the North Koreans and Iranians will cave, or simply be destroyed.

The United States is currently the only superpower throughout the entire world. Almost always, the U.S. acts for the betterment of all mankind, unlike the bullies that threaten us, or the craven “allies” who frequently desert our cause. Yet, time and time again, the U.S. FPE is complicit in letting the smaller, evil bullying nations, or even our supposed allies, give us the “high hat.” This needs to end. Big issues or small, the U.S. and the world do not benefit from such cowardice.

It is a brutal world we live in, and, as the great man once said, “it is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” We can’t be both, so President Trump needs to ditch the wusses in the FPE – perhaps the Mad Dog can retire and go read Marcus Aurelius by the sea? – and start correcting the behavior of the bullies and rogue regimes throughout the world.

That is how leadership is done.