Cynthia Yockey

Cynthia Yockey is a conservative lesbian and author of the forthcoming book, "War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces, Save Your Children from Confusion about Their Sex, and Undo the Transgender Coup," published by Dangerous Books. She will be a campaign consultant for Republican candidates in 2018 to help them counter transgender activist smears and can be contacted on Twitter at @conservativelez.

Articles by Cynthia Yockey

  • Leftist brainwashing on sex and race

    In the classic short story about groupthink, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” by Hans Christian Andersen, peer pressure is the glue that reinforces the mass delusion that the naked emperor is…
  • Transgender chaos in Maryland

    The transgender activist movement has been so successful in “no-platforming” every objection to its goals that even the conservatives I interviewed on the topic at the 2017 Conservative Political Action…
  • Biological reality beats radicals at Boise State

    The College Fix reports that transgender activists are gathering signatures on a petition to get Boise State University Professor Scott Yenor fired for writing an article for the…